Technical Characteristics

Manufactured to easily unload vehicles carrying polluting liquids or to clean polluted vehicles or machines.

  • Easy to store and transport.

  • Compatible with hydrocarbons and a wide range of chemicals.

  • Twist buckle connectors.

  • Lightweight aluminum brackets and quick to install.

  • No mounting tools are necessary.

  • Transport bag included.

  • Easy system for passing vehicles.

  • Highly resistant fabric to the passage of heavy vehicles.

Optional Elements

Protection Mat

Interior Liner

Transport bag included

3750 l


2500 x 6000 x 250 mm

4375 l


2500 x 7000 x 250 mm

9750 l


3000 x 13000 x 250 mm

More than 2,000 Spill Pallets Manufactured



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We have standard buckets in permanent stock, and if due to the necessity of your limitations and capacities, we will manufacture them custom-made for you.